11 x 17 Brochures

11 x 17 Brochures

Don’t Lose Profits Due to Lack of Space

Start making your print projects come to life! Don’t limit the marketing potential of your business just because you don’t have enough room on the page to fit everything you want to say. A well-designed brochure should be printed in a size that gives you the maximum benefit and potential for increasing leads and sales. An 11 x 17 brochure printing option will not only allow you to fit your copy and designs, but also help make your brochures stand out from the marketing noise around them.

When 11 x 17 brochures are helpful

Your current customers want to be reminded why they have invested in your company, and what kind of brand community they are joining with their purchase. Grabbing the attention of new customers can be quite a push and pull task. If you repeatedly show them how you can meet their needs, and why you are the best choice, then they will be hooked. Often the most opportune time to hand out a brochure is during a talk with a potential customer. Make it one they’ll want to keep as a reference about what you’ve just told them.

If you want to make things even easier for your staff, and gather more business leads at the same time, include a call to action in your brochure that encourages customers to “opt-in” to communications from your company. Whether you communicate through an online newsletter or direct mail, make it simple for them to follow up. With this information in a customer address list, Printwerx can mail your brochures straight to every customer. You simply provide your mailing list or we can get a mail list for you.

3 factors for brochure design

Before you distribute all of your brochures, make sure you won’t lose profits due to a lack of design space. First, check off these three factors:

  1. Write out all of the copy before designing your 11 x 17 artwork.

Make sure you have all the important descriptions, contact information, and any promotions included. Your designer will have an easier time telling you what can and can’t fit this way, rather than trying to make room for additions to your piece.

  1. Choose relevant graphics that match your copy.

Everyone likes seeing high quality pictures that emphasize what your business is all about. Leaving a memorable impression results in a greater possibility for instant recognition and sales.

  1. Stand out from other brochures with bigger images, bigger fonts, more room, and a unique fold.

The larger size of an 11 x 17 brochure gives you more options and more leeway to be creative.

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