• What are some of the ways you can promote your business in the summer time? Here are some ideas: Did you know that flyers are fun to toss around at parks and on the beach, but they also make great paper plate holders! Just turn...

  • Promotional products can be co-branded for a joint venture, an event, a cause. You not only spread the cost among many people, you multiply your impact.

  • A pen can have to up 7 owners during its lifetime, gaining more than 20,000 brand impressions over the course of its usage. Read more! 0

  • Promotional products spread awareness of your business, your mission, your goals. Read this case study.

  • Promotional products can communicate core values. Read this case study.

  • Trade Show Power Move – Use a custom table skirt, not the boring one provided by the exhibit hall. The skirt can draw people to your booth and initiate conversation.

  • Trade Show Power Move – Stand up signs can expand your booth and be re-used at your retail location, networking events, etc. This new Power Grip Sign is awesome!

  • Trade Show Power Move – Have visitors play a game to win a prize. It’s a good way to draw people into your booth and give you time to talk with them.

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